Ministries, Inc.
Thank you for visiting us.  We pray the time you spend with us here will be a blessing to you.

Here, you will learn about our experiences serving those who suffer from poverty, homelessness, mental illnesses and addictions.

We are incredibly honored and humbled by the fact that God has entrusted the care of these precious ones to us.  We seek His will constantly as we make every effort to make His love clear to them in a physically practical and spiritually edifying manner.

We are also blessed to be sharing the gospel with people of all walks of life everywhere, both in person and by way of the internet.  In so doing, we are seeing prejudices between the 'rich' and the 'poor' melt away.  As one serves those in need, myths are dispelled and replaced by love.  As one is being served, resentment melts and is replaced by love. 

Praise God!

This was the call to accept Jesus at our first Streetfire Transitional Worship service.
Our Street Ministry Guests are hungry for the Lord!

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